Chocolate: enemy or ally?

Chocolate: enemy or ally? In honor of Valentine’s Day being this week, and also because we just love chocolate, we want to put to rest the myth that chocolate, while tasting oh-so-good, is bad. Chocolate is actually made from plants, meaning it contains many similar health benefits of dark vegetables. The benefits derive from flavonoids, … read more »

Summerize for summer!

Summerize for summer! Are you looking forward to Spring and Summer as much as we are? We bet you are, and we also bet your skin isn’t. The high heat and lengthier sun exposure can wreak havoc on your body’s largest organ, but it doesn’t have to. Here are some tips to “Summerize” your skin … read more »

Blue-Berry Good for You!

Blue-Berry Good for You! Adding blueberries into your diet can strengthen your immune system, keep colds away, cleanse your blood, and repair and protect your skin! Blueberry Facts: Strengthens blood vessels (leads to healthier blood pressure levels and a healthier heart) Improves memory, balance, and coordination Improves eyesight Prevents and relieves arthritic symptoms Lowers blood … read more »

Cuckoo for cacao!

Cuckoo for cacao! Dark chocolate lovers rejoice! More information on the benefits of chocolate to your skin! The antioxidant properties of cocoa are higher than that of blueberries and green tea. Cocoa is high in flavanoids – antioxidants that have the ability to defend our skin against the damage the free radicals cause – containing … read more »

Is your pillow causing acne?

Is your pillow causing acne? Be honest – how often do you change the sheets on your bed? If you can’t remember the last time you did, it’s been far too long. Think about the things that frequent your pillowcase: shreds of hair, skin, dandruff, dead skin cells, micro-allergens, oil and bacteria. All of these … read more »

6 Natural ways to reduce PMS

6 Natural ways to reduce PMS “There is a solid base of research that has shown that women can reduce PMS without taking a prescription drug,” -Michael Mooney, director of research and education at SuperNutrition Life Extension Research. 1. Vitamin B6: A study of 630 women conducted through the British Journal of Clinical Practice, 100 mg to … read more »

Oh Oats!

Oh Oats! Oats provide the best amino acid balance of all grains; a high lipid content to retain moisture; minerals for stronger skin, hair, and nails, plus an assortment of B vitamins to reduce stress and anxiety. They have more water soluble fiber than other grains, which forms a thick mucilaginous gel which absorbs and … read more »

When is it worthwhile to buy organic fruit?

When is it worthwhile to buy organic fruit? There is a lot of conflicting information out there about organic fruit. Should I switch to it completely? Is there enough evidence out there to do so? Well, if you’re on the fence about switching, one way to go is partly organic; getting the most value for your … read more »