But what about Proactiv?

But What About Proactiv? Patients often ask about Proactiv and other similar systems. While there is good science behind the brand, it only tends to work for some people. Have any of you used it and then noticed it stops working after 3 weeks or so? Patients want to know why this is, so we’ll … read more »

4 Quick skin tips

4 Quick skin tips 1. Drink lots of water. It’s just good for us. Period. H2O hydrates our organs and tissues to keep our skin looking smooth and supple. Gray, lifeless skin is a clear indicator of dehydration, so drink up! 2. Avoid prolonged sun exposure. We should all know by now the importance of … read more »

Self Extracting? Just Say No!

Self Extracting? Just Say No! Popping your own pimples always seems like a good idea in the moment, but everyday we see the fallout from pimples that have been self extracted, picked and popped. Most commonly, you are left with a very dark or red spot, or even a scab. We call these marks “post-inflammatory … read more »

The benefits of facial massage

The benefits of facial massage “Some physicians suggest that stress may be responsible for 75% of all diseases in the Western world, including skin diseases )e.g., psoriasis and eczema), headaches and migraine, digestive disorders, high blood pressure and heart-related diseases, as well as backache and muscle pain, poor eyesight and depression… solution is to find … read more »

Is your pillow causing acne?

Is your pillow causing acne? Be honest – how often do you change the sheets on your bed? If you can’t remember the last time you did, it’s been far too long. Think about the things that frequent your pillowcase: shreds of hair, skin, dandruff, dead skin cells, micro-allergens, oil and bacteria. All of these … read more »