So You’re Thinking About Botox?

So You’re Thinking About Botox? Forget drastic plastic surgery and discover an alternative, non-invasive procedure that can actually slow the aging process. Put aside all of your pre-conceived notions about Botox, and learn just how this gentle approach can take years off of your face. When is the right time to start using Botox? Botox … read more »

Deadly Beds

Deadly Beds July is UV Safety Month, but educating clients on the dangers of tanning beds is important all year long. While being tan may make you look good today, you need to know the consequences tomorrow can bring. This unhealthy procedure not only increases your chances of skin cancer, but also inevitably will inflict … read more »

4 Quick skin tips

4 Quick skin tips 1. Drink lots of water. It’s just good for us. Period. H2O hydrates our organs and tissues to keep our skin looking smooth and supple. Gray, lifeless skin is a clear indicator of dehydration, so drink up! 2. Avoid prolonged sun exposure. We should all know by now the importance of … read more »

Quick anti-aging tips

Quick anti-aging tips Did you know that the sun is the #1 cause of aging skin?! The most important thing you can do to prevent premature aging is wear sunscreen EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are true sun blocks, meaning that they block 100% of the sun’s damaging rays by reflection instead … read more »