Deadly Beds

Deadly Beds July is UV Safety Month, but educating clients on the dangers of tanning beds is important all year long. While being tan may make you look good today, you need to know the consequences tomorrow can bring. This unhealthy procedure not only increases your chances of skin cancer, but also inevitably will inflict … read more »

How To: Detect Melanoma

How To: Detect Melanoma It is important, as a skin care facility, to call attention to a disease that kills one American every hour. But when detected early, it can often be successfully treated. Developed by NYU’s Langone Medical Center, a guide to detecting melanoma provides criteria for diagnosing it, as well as other skin … read more »

Sweet Tea!

Sweet Tea! A study of 2,200 adults found that drinking tea can lower your risk of getting squamous cell or basil cell carcinoma, the two most common types of skin cancer. The study suggests that EGCG, an antioxidant in tea, is effective at reducing the burn of UV-exposed skin. The study did not entail differences … read more »