Forecast: Flaky, Dry, Dehydrated

Forecast: Flaky, Dry, Dehydrated There is nothing more stunning than the season’s first snowfall, and also nothing more damaging to your skin’s health. Icy temperatures, hot showers, harsh soaps, low humidity, and arid indoor heat can ruin complexions by pulling moisture from the skin. This dehydration disrupts cell turnover, leading to dead cells and lifeless, … read more »

Why so dry?

Why so dry? The cornerstone of healthy skin lies in the moisture content of your complexion. While multiple factors go into preventing the most common signs of aging, one that can’t be ignored is the importance of keeping skin hydrated. Without a moisturized surface, the epidermis can’t be the protector and barrier that the skin … read more »

Smoking and your skin

Smoking and your skin Smoking is one of the most controllable causes of disease and death today. It is known for directly contributing to heart and lung disease, but the damaging effects to the skin are less known and often ignored. Smoking can cause poor wound-healing, collagen degradation, abnormal skin growths, oral cancers, deep wrinkling … read more »