Airbrush Tanning 

Tahitian Tan by South Seas Skin Care® is the most sought after spray tanning solution in the world. As the official Spray Tan Solution to Dancing with the Stars, it contains 9% DHA and provides an ideal tan for all skin types. The mahogany color guide offers immediate, beach-beautiful color! Fast drying, non-sticky, cucumber-melon scent and paraben-free.

All South Seas® Tanning Solutions contain Eco-Cert® Organic DHA, are pH-Balanced and does not require barrier cream. So say goodbye to harmful UV rays and say hello to beautiful, healthy tanned skin!


Tips before you tan:

  • Exfoliate the skin as close to your appointment as possible, using an exfoliating body wash, loufa, or washcloth to scrub off the dead skin cells. Shaving before hand is also highly recommended.
  • Do not wear body lotion, deodorant, perfume, or foundation make-up to your tanning session.
  • You may wear whatever you are most comfortable in during your tan. Should you choose to wear clothing, know that you will be left with “tan-lines”, and that we recommend wearing old, darker colored swimsuits or undergarments that you wouldn’t mind getting tanning solution on.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing to change back into after your tan and for at least 2 hours after your session. Avoid tight fitting clothing the day you are tanned.
  • After your tanning session, wait 8-12 hours before showering or coming into contact with water (this includes swimming or exercising/sweating). Water will stop the tanning process.
  • After you are able to shower, keep your tan happy and hydrated! Hydrated skin maintains the tan longer. Try to avoid lotions containing Alpha-hydroxy, they make the tan exfoliate and come off very quickly.

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