Nail Fungus Removal

toenailThe most common of all the nail abnormalities that usually causes a discoloration, dis-figuration, and the eventual destruction of the toenail is called Toenail Fungus. It has in its favor several medical terms, namely Onychomycosis, Tinea unguium, and Ringworm of the nail. It is the kind of infection caused by a fungal group known as Dermatophytes and is also known as Dermatophytic onychomycsis. The moist, warm environment that persists within the shoes are usually the breeding ground for the growth of Dermatophytes who feed on the keratin or the protein-rich portion of the toenails which renders the hardness and the strength to the nail.

Participating in this treatment, and thoroughly following the instructed protocol results in a 75-85% success rate on average of removing nail fungus. For optimal results, nail polish should not be present on the nail(s) throughout treatment, and should not be applied for at least 12-18 months as it can hinder the fungal removal process.

At least 3 treatments are necessary spread 60 days apart.


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