Skincare and losing weight

Close-up of a woman wiping her face with a towel

With the New Year rapidly approaching, it is common knowledge that the resolution made most is to lose weight. That resolution is also the most broken one, because a few weeks in, we begin to get frustrated or complacent, and just want to give up. But it has been proven many times over, that sticking with a rigorous workout routine, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and most of all remaining consistent will undoubtedly result in weight loss.

Well, the same goes for taking care of your skin. Reviving your complexion is a multi-step approach that requires commitment and dedication. In order to really make a difference in your skin’s texture and clarity, you’ve got to put in the work and stick with it!

Here is what you need to know to maintain a healthy “skin workout”:

  • Exercise! – take the time to see your personal skin care trainer (an esthetician!). Just like when someone wants to make a real physical change in their body, they look to a professional trainer to guide them in the correct steps to push them to great physical lengths. An esthetician will do the same for your skin – prescribing you with a personalized treatment plan that will help you reach a better complexion.
  • Diet! – Feed your skin with the correct products to protect, nourish, and correct your skin conditions. An esthetician can put together the best skin care menu for you to make sure it receives the proper vitamins and nutrients, and is always well fed.
  • Maintain! – Once you get to your goal weight, should you go back to eating as much junk food as you wish? NO! You have to follow certain steps to keep the weight off! The same goes with your skin. Once those wrinkles have been softened, that acne has been cleared, or that sun damage has faded, you need to protect the investment you’ve made. Continue treatments at least once every month to 6 weeks, continue to feed your skin it’s healthy menu of products, and always, ALWAYS wear SPF!