Customized PCA Skin® Chemical Peel

A skin-friendly formulation is blended specifically for each patient in order to minimize irritation to the skin, as well as infuse the skin with restorative nutrients. The variety of customizable blends allows for effectively addressing specific skin conditions and individual needs. This professional treatment is designed to improve and enhance the skin’s appearance by helping to reduce the depth of surface lines, smooth rough skin texture, and treat discoloration and redness. This service includes a post-treatment kit to care for your newly refreshed skin!


PCA Skin® Perfecting Neck & Decolette Treatment

The skin on the neck and decollete is thinner, contains fewer subcutaneous glands, and is often forgotten when applying corrective products and sunscreen. This area can also be an obvious give-away to a person’s age. This advanced treatment is designed specifically for the delicate skin of the neck and decollete, and will help address uneven pigmentation, textural variances, and fine lines and wrinkles! It is safe for all skin types!

Lira Lactic Refresh Peel pca-chem-peel

Lactic Refresh is a gentle Chemical Peel from Lira Clinical that is safe for all skin types. Lactic treatment hydrates and corrects sun-damaged and unevenly pigmented skin, and stabilizes hormonally imbalanced skin. The combination of lactic, salicylic, and mandelic acids plus polypeptides and antioxidants work together to brighten and hydrate the skin, leaving you with a healthy glow! 

Face Reality Acne Chemical Peel

The Face Reality® system works by taking into account the type of acne you have, the type of skin you have and how fast your skin adapts to products. This service is a system that combines getting a treatment every 2-3 weeks and using homecare products to get your acne under control in around 3-4 months, pending you use only these products exactly as they are intended and that you come in regularly for treatment.

The high quality blended peels have multiple purposes that include thorough exfoliation, softening of comedones and lightening dark spots. They also prepare the skin for maximum absorption of the homecare products. We will push the skin to clear with products that penetrate the pore where acne starts. We do not push the skin past it’s tolerance however, so as to prevent your skin from becoming dry and irritated. The products prevent new acne lesions from forming. Let us be the last place you ever go to finally get clear skin! 

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